When you hover over "Subnets" in the top menu, a dropdown appears that lists all of the subnets:

Subnet listing as of 1/29/2024

Subnet listing as of 1/29/2024

Selecting one of the subnets leads to a page with a data breakdown for the subnet.

Subnet Summary

The top of the page contains basic information about the subnet:

  • Github URL to find the code for miners & validators.
  • Registration info - the date and hotkey that registered the Subnet.
  • Emissions: The % of Subnet Emission for the subnet.
  • Recycled: Neuron registration fees are recycled into the non-circulating pool of tao. Historical and 24 hour recycled values are shown.
  • Registration cost: The cost to register a neuron.
  • Activity: how many neurons are registered - and the breakdown of miners and validators.

Each subnet has four views.