Subnet Registration Charts

Taostats subnet registration charts can be found by accessing Replace with the subnet you wish to explore.

There are three sections to this page:

Registration Data

A historical chart of the cost in tao to register a node on the subnet. To the right of the chart is the current registration cost:

In the above screenshot, the current registration cost is 2.14 TAO, but it had reached 8.58 earlier in the day. Registration rates vary by the competitiveness of the subnet.

De-Registration Data

This chart gives a running score of the incentive & emission of the last miners de-registered. If your miner is coming out of immunity, it is important to be above these values, or your miner is more likely to be de-registered.

Registration Table

This table lists the hotkeys and coldkeys of every registration in the last 24 hours for the subnet. A key value for miners is how many registration occurred in the last 24 hours - this is an indicator of the cutoff for the next 24 hours.