Subnet Owner

A group or organisation that owns the key to and controls the codebase of a subnet

If you have an idea for the creation of a decentralised machine learning or commodity through a novel validation and incentive mechanism design, you can build a subnetwork for Bittensor.


What is the purpose of the subnet? What is the commodity/machine learning commodity you are looking to provide and where does it derive its value?

Everything starts with an idea or a problem to solve.


Subnet owners are responsible for providing the base miner and validator code. They also design the all important incentive mechanism on which value is assigned to miners work.

There are very in depth tutorials for creating a subnet covered in the official Bittensor Documentation which we will not attempt to cover here, however the process deployment can be broken down as

  • Running locally: Curing the initial construction phase most development teams will build locally
  • Running on Bittensor testnet: Once the code base is complete and ready for testing it is possible to deploy on the Bittensor testnet which emulates a similar environment and conditions to mainet in order to refine the code and processes, deploy and support applications and infrastrucutre and to start to introduction network participants ot the product.
  • Running on Bittensor mainet: Once the subnet has proven itself on testnet and feels ready to deploy on mainet then the registration fee must be locked up and the subnet becomes live on the main Bittensor network with an immunity period of 7 days.


To register a subnet, the lock-cost starts at 100 tao but increases with each subnet registration activity snd then degrades with time. The registration cost for a subnet is unlocked should the subnet be de-registered. The chart