A tao token holder can earn a share of emissions by delegating stake to one or multiple validators.

The more tao delegated to a validator, the greater proportion of network access they are granted and the greater their weight in all aspects of Yuma consensus calculations.

The validator's emissions are shared proportional to stake amongst all of those who have staked tao. Validators can take a commission from the staking emissions. This is defined through the take parameter, and can range from 0-18% with 18% as the default value.

Calculate your Staking rewards

If your validator has emission of x tao, you can find your staking rewards as follows:

taostats reports emission per epoch (360 blocks). multiple by 20 to get an estimate of daily reward.

Why Stake?

Staking is a way for a holder of TAO to earn emissions without running a subnet/validator/miner and as a result retain value of the token whilst the supply increases due to continued token issuance. By staking with a validator, they are giving weight and showing support to that validator's actions on the network.

Staking TAO

Stake TAO with:

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