CLI: Root

The Root network is used by members of the root network to change subnet weights or to join & vote in the senate.

list                List the root network
weights             Set weights for root network.
get_weights         Get weights for root network.
boost               Boost weight for a specific subnet by increase amount.
slash               Slash weight for a specific subnet by decrease amount.
senate_vote         Vote on an active proposal by hash.
senate              View senate and it's members
register            Register a wallet to the root network.
proposals           View active triumvirate proposals and their status
delegate            Delegate Stake to an account.
undelegate          Undelegate Stake from an account.
my_delegates        Show all delegates where I am delegating a positive amount of stake
list_delegates      List all delegates on the network
nominate            Become a delegate on the network


Coming to the root subnet commands in May 2024. This is a u16 value with allowed values 0-11,796. This allows validators to customize that amount of emissions passed on to their delegates. To determine the validator's take, divide the value presented by 65535 and multiply by 100:


Take examples

Take 11796. 11796/65535*100 = 17.99% ~18% take. This is the default.

6553: 6553/65535*100 = 9.999 ~10% take