Subnet Emission

To see a chart of subnet emissions, click the Blockchain dropdown, and choose Subnets.

The chart shows the percentage of emission for each subnet (this is determined by the Yuma Consensus on the Root Subnet. This data is also available in the Root Subnet chart on the Taostats homepage.

Initially sorted by SubnetID, sorting by emission shows the subnets that receive the highest/lowest allocation of TAO.

New Subnets

Resort the chart by Created at in order to see the newest subnets.

Recycled Node Registrations

When new nodes are created on a subnet, the tao spent on registration is recycled (to be re-emitted). The Recycled column shows the amount that the Subnet has recycled (and recycled 24hr shows how much has been recycled in the last day. The third column shows the total recycled in the history of the hotkey. In the screenshot above, the Open Kaito subnet has recycled 113tao, but the hotkey's history has 14.25k tao recycled.