Taostats Home

On the taostats homepage, a huge amount of data on Bittensor and the TAO coin is presented.

Top navigation

Screenshot - January 17, 2024

Screenshot - January 17, 2024

From left to right, the top navigation tells us:

  • Bittensor price in USD and Percentage change day over day
  • Market cap: This is calculated from price x circulating supply:


6,060,902 tokens x $274.84/token = $1,665,899,523

  • 24h Volume: dollar value of tokens exchanged in the last 24 hours.
  • Circulating supply: How many tokens have been released.
  • Total Supply: The total number of tokens that will eventualy be released.
  • Validating APR:Annual percentage rate (average of total emissions across all validators in the network)
  • Staking APR: Annual percentage rate for staking (average across total emissions, and takes into account 18% validator commission.)


Shows the daily price of TAO in USD (orange) and the daily volume in $M.

When trading mode is turned on, many additional options appear for the chart: