Example Python Script with a prompt.

import bittensor as bt

response = bt.prompt('What is your name?')


This is just one example of a very simple prompt that gets a response from the Network.

The following is some advice/insight into things I've discovered about this Network.

  1. How can I achieve faster responses from my script?
  • More TAO = Faster Prompting. Staked TAO on the Validator hosting your particular prompting Network, prompted with your wallet, allows you to earn TAO whilst using it as an API.
  • The more you stake, the faster your query.
  1. How can I get TAO?
  • Tensor Exchange is a trading platform for TAO that exchanges BTC for TAO
  • You can use BTC or Stripe(card) payments to rent RunPod Servers or other GPU hosting services, Fine tune a model and mine TAO with it.
  • Stake your TAO to stack your RAO.
  1. Why is it so complicated?
  • If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It'll get easier over time, and soon we'll see the application side of this technology.