Learn to write Documentation!

The Bittensor Network is a massively encompassing space that has many different rabbit-holes. With the implementation of multi-modality, who knows what can be produced on the network. There needs to be people who can help transmit information and explain what the network is. People are constantly asking questions about stuff that has become second nature to those who are building/developing, as well as for those who are active in the community.

Mass Adoption begins with Mass Understanding.

People must first understand the skill sets needed for Bittensor in order to utilize the network to its full capability. There's a lot of holders of TAO, but how many of those holders are actively prompting and participating within the network? Well, all contributions are measured - but for those not so adept at computer science, and curious to prompt, should have easily understandable resources to learn with. It's not quite the simple endeavor to query the network, although, I don't come from comp sci - so perhaps I am wrong.