Validator Information Signing from


This script gathers information about a validator and creates a signed message for that information. The information includes the mnemonic of the validator's hotkey, a descriptive name, a URL, and a short description.


  1. Import the required libraries: json and bittensor.
  2. Request user input for the following information:
    • Validator's hotkey mnemonic
    • Descriptive name for the validator
    • Validator URL
    • Short description for the validator
  3. Create a keypair from the mnemonic.
  4. Create a dictionary with the validator's information.
  5. Convert the dictionary to a JSON-formatted string.
  6. Sign the JSON string using the keypair.
  7. Verify the signature and print the results.



  • Description: Creates a keypair object from a given mnemonic.
  • Parameters:
    • mnemonic (str): The mnemonic string for the validator's hotkey.
  • Returns: A bittensor.Keypair object.


  • Description: Initializes a keypair object with the given SS58 address.
  • Parameters:
    • ss58_address (str): The SS58 address of the keypair.
  • Returns: A bittensor.Keypair object.


  • Description: Signs a message (data) using the keypair.
  • Parameters:
    • data (str): The message to be signed.
  • Returns: A signature string.

bittensor.Keypair.verify(data, signature)

  • Description: Verifies the signature of a signed message using the keypair.
  • Parameters:
    • data (str): The original message that was signed.
    • signature (str): The signature of the message.
  • Returns: A boolean value indicating whether the signature is valid (True) or not (False).