Any hotkey may become a delegate and receive nominations of stake from other wallets in the network. Key owners of delegates collect an 18% "take" on emissions of all delegated Tao.

When a coldkey creates a hotkey delegate, it will receive all of the emissions from the stake it adds to its hotkey delegate. The delegate owner will also collect 18% of the emissions from all delegated stake.

Turn your hotkey into a delegate:

btcli nominate

Stake to a delegate account:

btcli delegate

List all the delegates in the network:

btcli list_delegates

Show who you are delegating to:

btcli my_delegates

E = emissions earned by the key per block

Sn = Stake from owner

St = Total stake on hotkey

Delegate key owner

\[ Emissions\ received = \mathrm{E} \cdot 0.18 + \left( \mathrm{Sn} / \mathrm{St} \right) \cdot \left( \mathrm{E} - \mathrm{E} \cdot 0.18 \right) \]

~delegates receive an 18% tax

Delegated stake owners

\[ Emissions\ received = \left( \mathrm{Sn} / \mathrm{St} \right) \cdot \left( \mathrm{E} - \mathrm{E} \cdot 0.18 \right) \]

~delegated stake owners pay an 18% tax through emissions