Class: MockGenesisTextDataset

MockGenesisTextDataset is a subclass of dataset_impl.Dataset. It provides functionalities for creating a mock text dataset for testing purposes.


  • __init__(self, block_size, batch_size, num_workers, dataset_names, data_dir, save_dataset, max_datasets, no_tokenizer, num_batches): Initializes the class with parameters.
  • close(self): Closes the dataset.
  • construct_text_corpus(self, min_data_len): Constructs a text corpus of a given minimum length using a fixed placeholder text.
  • _fill_data(self, epoch_length): Fills the data with a specified epoch_length.
  • dataloader(self, epoch_length): Creates a torch dataloader from a subclass of this class.
  • __next__(self): Returns the next element from the dataset.
  • __len__(self): Returns the number of samples (blocks) in the dataset.
  • __getitem__(self, idx): Returns a block of sentences from the text dataset based on the given index.

But what does this mean?

Guess you'll have to figure it out.