Bittensor Consensus Overview

Consensus in the Bittensor network is essential for maintaining a decentralized, distributed network's integrity and security. It involves reaching an agreement among participating nodes on the state of the network, particularly the weights assigned to each miner.

Key Components of Consensus

  1. Weight updates: Agreement on weight updates for each miner, representing their contribution to the network.
  2. Metagraph: Data structure that keeps track of the miners' weights and stake, updated as part of the consensus process.
  3. Weight normalization: Ensuring that the total weight in the network remains constant by normalizing weight updates.
  4. Block validation: Validators (miners) propose and validate blocks containing weight updates in the PoS-based consensus.
  5. Staking: Validators (miners) stake Subtensor tokens to participate in the consensus process, incentivizing honest behavior.