Btcli Guide

I assume most people who use Bittensor frequently probably know what these commands are, but if you're completely new to this project, these are pretty important. There's quite a lot of commands you'll have to learn, but these are some of the foundational things you should learn.

- btcli (insert command) will help you navigate through the network, have this open so you don't have to call -h over and over again. 

- list               - List wallets
- stake              - Stake to your hotkey accounts.
- update             - Update bittensor
- inspect            - Inspect a wallet (cold, hot) pair
- weights            - Show weights from chain.
- unstake            - Unstake from hotkey accounts.
- overview           - Show registered account overview.
- register           - Register a wallet to a network.
- transfer           - Transfer Tao between accounts.
- nominate           - Become a delegate on the network
- new_hotkey         - Creates a new hotkey (for running a miner) under the specified path.
- metagraph          - Metagraph commands
- set_weights        - Setting weights on the chain.
- new_coldkey        - Creates a new coldkey (for containing balance) under the specified path.
- new_hotkey         - Creates a new hotkey (for running a miner) under the specified path.
- my_delegates       - Show all delegates where I am delegating a positive amount of stake
- list_subnets       - List all subnets on the network
- regen_hotkey       - Regenerates a hotkey from a passed mnemonic
- regen_coldkey      - Regenerates a coldkey from a passed value
- delegate           - Delegate Stake to an account.
- undelegate         - Undelegate Stake from an account.
- list_delegates     - List all delegates on the network
- regen_coldkeypub   - Regenerates a coldkeypub from the public part of the coldkey.
- recycle_register   - Register a wallet to a network.```

### This is generated by using btcli -h in a Linux terminal.