How does the bounty system work?

It is important to note here that Bounties have been a concept in programming for a long time, if you're willing the learn it's a decent way for any computer scientist to make some cash - the core of it's philosophy is this: Do good work, recieve money. Here on the Bittensor Network, it is no different, but the current bounties revolve around training Langauge models generally - there are also community funded endeavors, and those happen on more of an individual basis. With that being said, if you think you can help people with their project, then show you are capable and work may come your way. Or, feel free to submit a formal application towards Bittensors e-mail and put yourself out there. Work cannot find you if you have no projects to showcase your abilities, so start building.

The difference here is that these bounties are to build text-prompting miners, which are an increasingly complex topic to explain as time goes on. I'm sure that as models become out-dated, some people will display their miners, but text-prompting in particular is quite new for Bittensor. As I discover more, I will put more on how miners function and their foundational architecture - but for now, I only know that there's work to be done if you're a ML Engineer and want to plug-in to Bittensor(which you should).