The Mountain Dataset

The Mountain Dataset is a Bittensor’s current language modeling dataset consisting of a set of smaller datasets combined together. Currently, it contains ~800 Gb of unlabeled text.

Servers in Bittensor are validated for their ability to understand the text contained in the The Mountain Dataset. To do this, Validators query Servers who must produce embeddings and token predictions in response. Scores derived from these responses determine the incentives Servers see, thus guiding the network to understand the dataset better.


In order to ensure global access and make the network robust to single points of failure, The Mountain is stored on The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) as a set of small chunks, files no larger than 1Mb, each containing a small sample of the larger dataset. These small chunks are organized into a set of 22 datasets each with a standard data format, for instance, Arxiv articles or Github code.


Every file on The Mountain can be accessed via its unique hash. These can be queried directly using a tool like Curl and the hash of the file. For instance, we can query an individual file like so.


curl -X POST ""


"Data": Right now, American protest music sounds like\nthis.\n...we don’t believe you, cuz we the people...\n...a million dollar loan.


The Mountain is organized under the following hash:


Querying this hash returns the subdirectories of the dataset, for instance, Arxiv, which make up the entire dataset.


curl -X POST ""



"Size": 262158

"Size":2 62158

The hash of each item above points to a file containing hashes to all text files in that directory. For instance, querying the first element from the list above returns the list of hashes associated with all files in the “Youtube” dataset.


curl -X POST "


"Name": "01-YoutubeSubtitles-5899.txt" 
"Hash": "QmSj7mzxdDw8gd8rqqzijCDxsUs8YRi6EsJtRWiLsHA9Ce", 
"Size": 5173 

"Name": "01-YoutubeSubtitles-59.txt\", 
"Hash": "Qme2dawBzozFGtKWX73fh5fmB8NJD7TRS2XSWKhJB4WbJd", 
"Size": 885 

"Name": "01-YoutubeSubtitles-590.txt\"
"Hash": "QmUSzQgkamYWVhv938nbQgPrQz7CNfpmiUaF36z6Nx6Uzz", 
"Size": 6710