I must note the importance of being comfortable navigating Linux and reading code when it comes to developing on the Bittensor Network. Rust is also a good language for documentation, as it is easy to lose track of all the knowledge acquired. At some point, it will become second nature - you will remember what cat does, what a pipe is(example | grep), and you will understand how to use WSL. Speaking of WSL, you should refer to the "before you build" section of the Docs.

Here's some basic commands to get you started.

  • ls: list files in the current directory
  • cd: change directory
  • mkdir: make a new directory
  • rmdir: remove a directory
  • touch: create a new file or update the modification time of an existing file
  • rm: remove a file or directory
  • cp: copy files or directories
  • mv: move files or directories
  • cat: display the contents of a file
  • grep: search for a pattern in a file or set of files
  • chmod: change the permissions of a file or directory
  • chown: change the ownership of a file or directory
  • ps: display information about running processes
  • kill: send a signal to a process to terminate it
  • sudo: execute a command as the superuser (root)
  • tar: create or extract compressed archive files
  • ssh: connect to a remote server via SSH protocol
  • scp: copy files between local and remote systems using SSH protocol
  • ping: test network connectivity to a server or website
  • ifconfig: display network interface configuration

How do I learn Linux? - Edit 5/16/2023

Now that's it has released, Bard is a solid option for beginners. It's actually pretty decent - especially if you don't wanna pay for GPT4. Sometimes it can write code that's decent, but a bit spaghetti.

Gpt models. ChatGPT, whatever you can get your hands on is going to be infinitely better than reading a book. Now, if you wish to have a better grasp of what's happening and an in-depth knowledge: that's when you read information. But generally, gpt 3.5 turbo and especially GPT4 are incredible at programming and navigating Linux because there's so much documentation on both those fields in particular. Use GPT, it will be able to explain most things to you.